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DeKalb Bar Family Section Receives Expert Advice on Drug and Alcohol Testing

The December 2016 breakfast meeting of the DeKalb Bar Association’s Family Law Section featured a wealth of practical advice regarding testing for alcohol and drug use. Guest speaker Michele Gable, C.P.C.T., Director of Operations at Choice Lab Services, provided extensive information regarding how best to structure testing to obtain accurate results and ways to prevent individuals who are being tested from tricking the test. She explained the types of information that can be obtained from several different types of testing programs, as well as potential gaps in data.

One cautionary suggestion she provided was to avoid a testing regimen that simply checks to see whether a parent is sober while they are caring for the children; such a testing program, she noted, can produce situations in which the parent is caring for children while they are sober but detoxifying, and therefore still impaired.


Michele Gable, C.P.C.T., Director of Operations at Choice Lab Services.

The January program provided an Overview of Effective Business Valuations, presented by Mark A. Dayman, CPA/ABV/CFF, ABAR, CVA with CapVal – American Business Appraisers. 

The Family Law Section meets for breakfast on the first Thursday of each month. Programs are held at 7:30 am at the historic Old Decatur Courthouse, 101 East Court Square. RSVP online here.

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