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The Hon. Robert Castellani Speaks at October Family Law Breakfast


Judge Castellani, center, stands with FLS chair Denise VanLanduyt, left, and FLS vice-chair Rebecca Crumrine

Sporting one of his colorful “Save the Children” ties, Judge Robert J. Castellani addressed a record turnout at the DeKalb Bar Family Law Section Breakfast on October 1, the first breakfast in the new permanent location at the Old Courthouse on the Square in Decatur.

Judge Castellani began by recounting his earlier years as a young lawyer who did a substantial amount of domestic relations work because many lawyers “dumped” their family law cases. He noted that family law is an area where the Bar can do the most good by helping people in difficult situations. To him, domestic relations lawyers are the “unsung heroes of the Bar.” He also noted, however, that the adversarial “trial lawyer’s mentality” frequently does not work in this arena, seeing how destructive and ineffective it can be to litigants and their children.

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The Honorable Mark A. Scott Speaks at the Sept. Family Law Section Breakfast


Mark A. Scott

by M. Debra Gold

As the new Family Law Section of the DeKalb Bar continues to grow, Judge Mark A. Scott spoke before the largest turnout yet at the Sept. 3 breakfast meeting. Judge Scott sees himself as a nontraditional judge and notes that some of the other judges may better define the circuit and where it is going. Nonetheless, he felt honored and pleased to have the opportunity to address the group as he has been designated as the liaison between the DeKalb Bench and the DeKalb Bar Family Law Section.

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