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Sept. Luncheon Speaker Profile: Alvaro A. Arauz

Alvaro-Arauz-headshotWe challenge ourselves with complex assignments of all kinds. It requires us to constantly evolve, which in turn allows us to give better advice. Whether you’re a brave attorney putting up your own shingle, a small firm adding more associates and staff, or a mid-size firm that needs infrastructure re-engineering, we can help. We promote progress through productivity. It’s about results, not effort.” So states Alvaro A. Arauz, founder of 3a. Law Practice Management.

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DeKalb Bar Celebrates Law Day 2016 at May Luncheon


Essay and poster contest participants: Sydni Williams, Jada Bartolozzi, Hattie Carter, Briana Ross, Adam Hydrick, Emily Jenkins, altar Dalimba, Maekaylia Jackson, Wyatt DeWoskin

Miranda: More Than Words

Law Day 2016

In 1961 Congress issued a joint resolution designating May 1 as Law Day. This was subsequently codified in the United Stated Code. Law Day is celebrated across the country during the month of May and is a day on which we take time to examine and celebrate our commitment to the rule of law. It is the opportunity for legal professionals to take an active role in advancing public understanding about law.

Law Day underscores how law and the legal process contribute to the freedoms that all Americans share.

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