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New President of CAI-Georgia

Moore & Reese, LLC is proud to announce that partner Mindy Waitsman was elected president of the CAI-Georgia (Community Associations Institute – Georgia Chapter) board of directors for 2018. For many years, Ms. Waitsman has volunteered with CAI-Georgia, including serving…

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Have You Heard of Bitcoin? Well, Here Comes BlockChain!

By Dan Branch, CPA/ABV, ASA – Partner
IAG Forensics & Valuation

Are you like most people, thinking of Bitcoin, the virtual currency first released to the public in 2009, as a currency only for criminals, drug rings, and money launders? Though adoption of the currency has been slow, it is increasing in popularity and use, and by more and more “normal” folks. As proof, the total value of the currency is close to $9 billion, and increasing. Venture capital firms have raised significant money to invest in Bitcoin related enterprises. And there are more virtual currencies taking advantage of the investment interest (e.g., Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero to name a few).

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President’s Letter: Who Hosea Williams Is to Me

by Arman Deganian
President, DeKalb Bar Association

As I’m sure many of us do, I often find myself driving along Hosea L. Williams Drive paying no mind to the man for whom it is named, but I can’t help but wonder what distinction earns someone a green placard bearing his name on every block of a well-known stretch of road?

Perhaps it starts with humble beginnings, or rather the drive to seek growth despite arid ground. Hosea Lorenzo Williams was born the son of two blind teens on January 5, 1926 in Decatur County. He never met his father, and his mother died when he was only ten years old. An unremarkable childhood (apart from a near lynching in response to an alleged relationship with a white girl) turned a corner when he joined the army to serve in WWII in an all-black unit under General Patton. The war earned him a Purple Heart and a lifelong limp.

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DeKalb Bar Celebrates Law Day 2017

Law Day 2017: The 14th Amendment

In 1961 Congress issued a joint resolution designating May 1 as Law Day. This was subsequently codified in the United Stated Code. Law Day is celebrated across the country during the month of May and is a day on which we take time to examine and celebrate our commitment to the rule of law. It is the opportunity for legal professionals to take an active role in advancing public understanding about law.

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