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Scene at the Bench and Bar Dinner


Members and guests are pictured as they gather for the annual Bench and Bar Dinner and reception in March. This annual event honoring the DeKalb County Judiciary was once again held at the Emory Conference Center Hotel, and it was a huge success. Our keynote speaker was Robin Frazer Clark.

Enjoy these scenes from a memorable evening:

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Thank You, Sponsors of the Bench and Bar Dinner

Thank you to our Bench and Bar sponsors. Without your generosity, we would not be able to host this much-anticipated event.

The Bench and Bar dinner, held in March, is an annual event jointly hosted by the DeKalb Bar Association and the DeKalb Lawyers Association. It is made possible through the generous contributions of lawyers such as these.

Bendin Sumrall & Ladner, LLC
Butler Wooten & Fryhofer LLP
Childers Schlueter & Smith, LLC
The Cochran Firm
Fried Rogers Goldberg, LLC
The Orlando Firm, P.C.
Owen Gleaton Egan Jones & Sweeney, LLP
Law Offices Of Steven Salcedo LLC

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