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Are These Common Mistakes Upsetting Your Social Media Marketing Efforts?

by Kristy Clabaugh
Sr. Accountant
Firm Development Coordinator

After obtaining a license in your field of expertise, you joined all of the relevant trade associations and you are investing heavily in specialized training for yourself and your staff. You even created a company Facebook page to promote your brand; so what gives? Why isn’t the brand reaping the benefits of all your efforts and hard cash spent?

Today, social media platforms are setting the standards for “everything business development” and are creating baselines for corporate marketing. That said, those who fail to recognize some of the fundamental tactics in social media marketing may find themselves causing more harm than good to their brand. These are the top five social media mistakes commonly made by the clients that I have recently worked with. They may be the ones that you find yourself making today.

1. Forgetting to Engage: Be sure to allow your clients the opportunity to check-in and review your business

2. Ignoring Feedback: Don’t overlook a single post or review; answer all comments and welcome feedback

3. Too Many Posts: Create a posting schedule for your company page; posting too often or quickly will not allow time for all posts to reach your audiences

4. Not Enough Posts: Stay consistent with your posts and don’t let a prolonged period pass without making any posts; a minimum of three posts each week is standard for many small businesses

5. Trusting the Wrong Person: All too often, businesses put social media responsibilities in the wrong hands. Make certain that all posts are grammatically correct and always keep a tight leash on administrative logins and passwords.

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