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Sometimes You Should Go Long


Scott Bonder, DBA Presidentby Scott Bonder
President, DeKalb Bar Association

Likely as a result of some horrific personality flaw, I focused on these with an almost OCD like neurosis. My goal has been to provide practical advice based on nearly 20 years as a lawyer with the theme of brevity being a good thing. In trying to decide what practical advice to give as we approach the holiday season, I realized that my theme of brevity should not continue unabated throughout the year. At times, brevity is a mistake.

Brevity is a mistake when you could be spending time with your family. Brevity is a mistake when you could instead spend some more time with your spouse or significant other. Brevity is a tragic mistake if you allow it to rule your life to the point that you look back at a life of brief moments and realize that you are not in any of the photos of your family or friends doing fun things that took a long time.

One great way to capture some time with family and friends is to make cookies. Yes, I said it, cookies.

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Thank You To Our 2014 Holiday Party Sponsors


We owe a hearty round of applause to these generous DBA members who made our holiday party possible.

Childers Schlueter & Smith, LLC

Stephen D. Apolinsky
Apolinsky & Associates, LLC

Dan DeWoskin
Fried & Bonder
Pak & McRae

Chambers & Aholt, LLP

Andy Cohen & Jill Polster
The Cohen Law Firm

Gary Freed
Thompson Hine, LLP

Wm. Dixon James, P.C.

Robert Katz
Katz Stepp Wright & Fleming, LLC

Andrew Lynch

Kessler & Solomiany

Law Offices of Steven Salcedo

Welcome to Our Newest DBA Member


Say hello to this newest member of the DeKalb Bar Association.

Amna Shirazi
Shirazi Law Group

Not yet a DeKalb Bar Association member? Time to renew your membership? Visit our website for membership information and how to join or renew securely online here.

The Practice Corner: The Naughty List


by Daniel DeWoskin
Trial Attorney

You may find this cynical, but does Santa really have a naughty list?  I have been troubled by this ever since I was a child. Ironically, I was a Jewish child, so it may have been silly to be troubled by this. Then again, I was a Jewish child, so I suppose it was normal to always be troubled by something. Nevertheless, if the list was real, I could have used an address to the old man’s appeals division. Sure, it may sound like I am making things too complicated, but ever since I was a kid, I have never really known where I stood. What constitutes naughty? There is the kind of stuff that clearly fits the bill, such as stealing, hurting other people, and lying, but what about borrowing (without express permission), hurting a sibling (in self-defense, of course), and bending the truth to spare someone’s feelings (like my parents, who would be hurt to know what my real grades were).

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FLS Breakfast Highlights for October and November



FLS November breakfast guest speakers, Judge Tangela Barrie (left) and Judge Courtney Johnson (right) with Kathy Adams Carter, FLS chair

Family Law Section Offers Breakfasts Packed with Useful Information

Alice W. Limehouseby Alice W. Limehouse
Family Law Section

The October and November DeKalb Bar Association Family Law Section Breakfasts both offered participants valuable information for their DeKalb Family Law Cases. The December 4 meeting  featured Steven and Patty Shewmaker, who  discussed QDROs. Look for a recap in the January DeKalb Bar Newsletter. Please join us for the next breakfast Jan. 6! Get more information here.

At the November breakfast the Family Law Section presented a panel of DeKalb County Superior Court judges, moderated by board member Kyla Lines, who discussed issues in contested custody cases. Originally, the panel was to include Judges Asha Jackson, Courtney Johnson and Tangela Barrie. Unfortunately, Judge Jackson was ill and could not attend. We hope she’s feeling better!

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