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From the DBA President: Brief, BUT Proper Ought to be our Goal


Scott Bonder, DPA Presidentby Scott Bonder
President, DeKalb Bar Association

The pervasiveness of common errors does not render them acceptable. Lawyers should be models of proper speech and writing, which were developed to foster clarity and economy of communication. By offering these examples I do not suggest that I am error free. To the contrary, the following are but a few examples of improper usage that I struggle to remove from my communications daily (including those typos and errors that will inevitably and unintentionally end up in this article). Also, these are guidelines and exceptions may exist. Read more

October Luncheon Preview: Program and Menu


DeKalb Volunteer Lawyers Foundation (DVLF) will present the program at the DeKalb Bar Association October luncheon, celebrating more than thirty years of the alliance between the DeKalb Bar Association and DVLF to serve the courts, the bar and residents of DeKalb County. DVLF will thank recent donors, honor its volunteer attorneys, and present these awards:

Pro Bono Publico Award: William T. Hudson, Jr.
Intermediate Award: Jeffrey A. Bashuk
Newcomer Award: Chris Armor
Law Firm Award: Clark & Washington
Certificate of Service: Jill Sheridan, paralegal

We look forward to your attendance at the luncheon and your continued support for DVLF.

Be sure to RSVP by Monday, Oct. 13, for the monthly luncheon on Thursday, Sept. 16, at the historic Old Courthouse on the square, 101 E. Court Square in downtown Decatur. RSVP now by clicking here to register.

Here’s what Sawicki’s has planned for the menu:

Seasonal vegetable pasta
Mashed potatoes
Vegetable medley
Green salad
Fruit salad
Mediterranean wrap
Salmon salad wrap

A Look Back at September

Mike Mears was our guest speaker.

The Practice Corner: The Ethical Crisis in Dekalb County


by Daniel DeWoskin
Trial Attorney

Dekalb County has an ethics crisis. Sure, the State of Georgia can be said to have an ethics crisis given recent trials, a jury verdict, and settlements that have cost taxpayers millions of dollars. However, former DeKalb Commissioner Elaine Boyer pleaded guilty in federal court on September 3, 2014, to two counts of fraud and depriving DeKalb constituents of $90,000. Another experienced politician, DeKalb Commissioner Stan Watson, had a website for which taxpayers paid almost $2,000 that solicited funds for Watson’s re-election campaign. Commissioner Watson has agreed to repay the taxpayers, according to WSB Channel 2, but an ethics complaint filed August 22, 2014, is pending. On August 27, 2014, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton paid more than $34,000 of taxpayer money to her boyfriend, “mostly for his advice on how to be a commissioner.” And, as of the date this article is published, suspended DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis is on trial defending against charges of corruption. Read more

Welcome to Our Newest DBA Members


Say hello to these newest members of the DeKalb Bar Association.

Georgia Lord

Yolvondra Martin-Brown

The Martin Law Group LLC

Mary D. Lewis
Law Offices of Mary D. Lewis


Not yet a DeKalb Bar Association member? Time to renew your membership? Visit our website for membership information and how to join or renew securely online here.

September FLS Breakfast Recap




by L. Katherine Adams-Carter

The Family Law Section of the DeKalb Bar had its second highest attendance ever at the September meeting, with participants eager to learn the “pet peeves” of the Superior Court Judges. The panel consisted of staff attorneys Amy Daldry (Judge Daniel Coursey), Denise Warner (Judge Mark Anthony Scott); Melody Bray (Judge Courtney Johnson); Matthew Harris (Judge Tangela Barrie) and Jason Broth (Judge Linda Warren Hunter). Shannon Hicks, staff attorney for Judge Seeliger, also contributed. Some of the pet peeves were common among the judges, and some were specific to the individual judges. So, the first bit of advice was to know your judge, and that specific judge’s likes and dislikes. Read more